Gabriele Musco's Dev Log

Python unittest + Meson

#python #unittest #unit #test #testing #meson #gtk #ninja

Alright, I started writing some unit tests for Feeds and I wanted to integrate them into meson, so that I can just run meson test or ninja test during build and have them run automagically. As an added bonus, they should also run when creating a flatpak package, so that I don’t accidentally push a broken built to users. Here’s the very simplistic way I accomplished this task: have your tests in a tests directory in the root of your project add this to your meson. Continue reading ->

Feeds moved to World and design overhaul

#feeds #update #gtk #gnome #world #design #purism #python

It finally happened, Feeds is now part of the World group! Here’s the new repository! But don’t worry, I’ll keep up with the existing GitLab mirror. This doesn’t change too much in terms of development, but it surely makes the app more discoverable. It also provides this very nice new URL for Feeds' website which is under gnome’s domain name (that’s pretty cool, uh?). As for Feeds' development, lately I’ve begun a process of small cleanups here and there, and most importantly design changes. Continue reading ->

Feeds 0.8: naming change and how to deal with Flatpak

#feeds #update #gtk #gnome #python

Feeds version 0.8 is coming. This release have been a little overdue, since I finally decided to change the name of the app from gnome-feeds to just gfeeds. This has to do with the use of the GNOME name, and besides even GNOME apps don’t use the GNOME prefix in their names. Someone criticized the name gfeeds, because it’s kind of dumb to have GNOME/GTK app names to start with a g, similarly to how dumb it is to have KDE apps start with a k. Continue reading ->

GitLab CI/CD for Flatpak

#gitlab #ci #cd #flatpak #gnome #yml #tutorial

Thanks to this document, and a quick look at nautilus’s git repo I was able to automatically generate fresh flatpaks directly from GitLab by using the integrated CI/CD system. My current setup isn’t perfect but it manages to automate flatpak builds. This is incredibly useful, as when people open issues and I try to fix them, I can just tell them to install the lastest flatpak from the CI/CD and test the fixes. Continue reading ->

Early adopter experience with the new Radeon RX 5700XT on Arch Linux

#gpu #linux #arch #radeon #amdgpu #mesa #vulkan

So I recently got myself a shiny new AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT GPU (that’s a mouthful). Let’s see how it does on Linux. Installation First, I use Arch (btw) and that makes things a lot easier, at least for now. As of writing this, Navi support is still not in the mainline kernel, but it should come with Linux 5.3. Because of the AUR and many other fun things, this isn’t much of a problem in Arch. Continue reading ->