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Feeds 0.7 and more features to come

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Feeds version 0.7 should be out soon with all the features detailed in this post. The code starts to feel a little more complex, and it would probably use another small refactoring, but that’s not too important right now. Let’s lay out a new roadmap, with the features I implemented, and some new ones I want to add: Read and unread articles Keeping history of older articles locally (still not sure if I actually want this or not) Adblocking Saving articles Suggestions Integration with GNOME Online Accounts Integration with TTRSS Ability to open rss links and OPML files Offline mode with a banner indicating that the system is offline There’s still some work to do. Continue reading ->

Feeds: saving articles offline and marking stuff as read

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Recap In a previous post I layed out a roadmap for my feed reader application Feeds. Here’s a little update on how things are going. Alright, first I want to thank @Etamuk again. He’s being very active with the German translation, and any time I make a commit, soon after I already see he has opened a merge request with the updated translation. That’s just impressive, and I’m truly greatful for his awesome contributions! Continue reading ->

On privacy conscious comments and analytics

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This blog is fairly new, and so I still have to set up everything. Comments are obviously a very important part of a blog, especially if you want any kind of feedback on the stuff you’re doing. The lazy solution is pretty obvious: Disqus the privacy nightmare. I like the wild idea of respecting my readers' privacy, and so I started looking for alternative solutions. The one solution I chose to adopt is an open source comment platform called Commento. Continue reading ->

Feeds 0.6 and future roadmap

#feeds #roadmap #update #gtk #gnome #python

Feeds version 0.6 is out with two important changes: German translation thanks to @Etamuk Concurrent feeds refresh About the translation, I know when a project starts becoming interesting, people want to contribute. And translations are in my experience one of the indication of people really getting passionate. I am really flattered by this contribution and it really means a lot to see this project getting some love. Moving on to the more technical stuff, concurrent refresh or parallel refresh. Continue reading ->

Hello, world


My new web home Hey people. I finally got around at creating a static blog. After using Hugo for a while, and initially deciding to try out Pelican, just to realize it’s in a sad, outdated state right now, I settled on Hexo. It’s not like I’m crazy for JavaScript, quite the contrary. But I do realize it has its place sometimes. Using npm to install plugins is pretty clever, and besides at the end of the day I am the only one that has to use it. Continue reading ->