Hello, world


My new web home

Hey people. I finally got around at creating a static blog.

After using Hugo for a while, and initially deciding to try out Pelican, just to realize it’s in a sad, outdated state right now, I settled on Hexo.

It’s not like I’m crazy for JavaScript, quite the contrary. But I do realize it has its place sometimes. Using npm to install plugins is pretty clever, and besides at the end of the day I am the only one that has to use it.

It has a more complex structure compared to the aforementioned solutions, but if it gets the job done I can’t complain too much.


This is an interesting point in my life. In July I got my bachelor’s in Computer Science, it was a pretty great achievement, and soon I’ll be heading to Milan to get a master degree.

About my projects, things are going very well. I am focusing a lot on GTK/GNOME apps, probably because I’m making things I want to use in the first place.

HydraPaper got a pretty substantial update, introducing libhandy into the mix to spice up its looks somehow, and mostly to make use of some comodity widgets it offers, namely the awesome HdyPreferencesWindow.

For the thesis of my bachelor’s, I presented another interesting app called Unifydmin. It’s a control center and administration panel for servers. It’s a very interesting project, but it’s still quite rough around the edges. I have to find the motivation to pick it up again, but right now I’m focused on another project.

And this project is Feeds, a feed reader. It may sound dumb, but I couldn’t find a single feed reader app for linux that I liked. Everything is either old, slow or electron based. After some time complaining about this (my girlfriend and friends can tell you about it), and basically using reddit and the podcasts I follow to get the latest news, I said F it, and made my own thing. It’s going pretty well and the people that tried it seem to like it, and that makes me actually very proud of it.

And I think that’s about it for now. I hope I manage to get my S together and start blogging more frequently, because I quite enjoy being able to share dev stuff online.

Let’s see where that goes.

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