GitLab CI/CD for Flatpak


Thanks to this document, and a quick look at nautilus’s git repo I was able to automatically generate fresh flatpaks directly from GitLab by using the integrated CI/CD system.

My current setup isn’t perfect but it manages to automate flatpak builds. This is incredibly useful, as when people open issues and I try to fix them, I can just tell them to install the lastest flatpak from the CI/CD and test the fixes.

Also, for power users and curious minds I imagine it could be compelling to be able to install the latest development snapshot without jumping through many hoops.

Anyway, let’s get down to business, here’s the .gitlab-ci.yml file to let the magic happen:

include: ''

    BUNDLE: "gfeeds.flatpak"

    image: ''
        MANIFEST_PATH: "dist/flatpak/org.gabmus.gfeeds.json"
        MESON_ARGS: "-Dprofile=Devel"
        FLATPAK_MODULE: "gfeeds"
        RUNTIME_REPO: ""
        APP_ID: "org.gabmus.gfeeds"
    extends: .flatpak

    stage: deploy
        - 'flatpak'
    extends: '.review'

    stage: deploy
    extends: '.stop_review'

Hope you find a good use for it.

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