Feeds 0.8: naming change and how to deal with Flatpak


Feeds version 0.8 is coming. This release have been a little overdue, since I finally decided to change the name of the app from gnome-feeds to just gfeeds. This has to do with the use of the GNOME name, and besides even GNOME apps don’t use the GNOME prefix in their names.

Someone criticized the name gfeeds, because it’s kind of dumb to have GNOME/GTK app names to start with a g, similarly to how dumb it is to have KDE apps start with a k. But here’s the catch: the g in gfeeds stands for Gabriele, I pulled a sneaky on you.

Anyway, the new name should have no problems whatsoever, and besides I learned how to transition to a new appid on Flathub.

It’s not as seamless as you would think, but it’s easy enough. You’ll have to re-submit your app as if it was a new one, and specify that it’s just an appid change. There’s some infrastructure in place to transition from one appid to another automagically, and it involves a little extra json file in the old repo. Here you can see my PR for the new appid and the whole discussion around it. Hope it helps.

As for new stuff, let’s see what we have:

  • More stability, broken feeds are automatically removed and error messages will be shown in an upcoming version (already in master).
  • OPML file association. Now you can just open your OPMLs from your file manager and have them imported in Feeds.
  • If you’re offline, feeds won’t be refreshed. Instead, an infobar will tell you that you’re offline. Saved articles are still accessible.
  • CPU utilization is now lower, having removed some unnecessary busy waits from the code.

That’s it for now. Again, still a lot of work to do, but little by little Feeds is coming together pretty well.

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