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Feeds 0.7 and more features to come


Feeds version 0.7 should be out soon with all the features detailed in this post.

The code starts to feel a little more complex, and it would probably use another small refactoring, but that’s not too important right now.

Let’s lay out a new roadmap, with the features I implemented, and some new ones I want to add:

  • Read and unread articles
  • Keeping history of older articles locally (still not sure if I actually want this or not)
  • Adblocking
  • Saving articles
  • Suggestions
  • Integration with GNOME Online Accounts
  • Integration with TTRSS
  • Ability to open rss links and OPML files
  • Offline mode with a banner indicating that the system is offline

There’s still some work to do. Of course any help is welcome and appreciated.

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